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What is the University of Kansas Information Security Club?

The University of Kansas Information Security Club, or KUISC, is a club focused on both educating members on security in an industry setting as well as competing at competitions with other university in pseudo real world environments defending or attacking assets for the 'company' you work for.

How do I start learning about security?

It is as easy as showing up at a meeting. Most meetings are publicly announced to all club members via email, or twitter. Feel free to attend any of these meetings to start learning about security. If you have attended a meeting and have no clue what the members are saying please raise you hand and ask! OR feel free to look at other articles on this wiki for more base info.

I do not feel like I know enough to compete or be an active member

Very few members have any hands on security experience before their first competition. Ask most members and they will tell you that before they joined they knew nothing or very little about security. Most learning happens during club meetings where another member presents information about a topic or during a competition. Do not feel that you must contribute to the wiki or stand up in front of the club and give a rundown on a security based topic.

What do I need to be a member then?

  • Willingness to work as a team to reach a goal
    • but have the ability to complete a portion of the task individually.
  • Free time to…
    • Attend meetings
    • Contribute to the wiki
    • Teach others your knowledge'
  • Know how to google

That is really all the skills you need to know to get started we will help you learn the rest!

Now that I am a member what is next?

If you are a new member with little or no security knowledge, then start reading other wiki pages and test out skills on the KUISC Servers, or locally visualize a VM like

Once a hypervisor is setup you can either run clean OS6) or a vulerable OS from here.7)
If you are a new member with experience in a topic not found on the wiki then PLEASE add a page and help other KUISC members learn from your knowledge.

I want to learn more about competing

CCDC Overview and CTFOverview describe two different general competition setups.

Windows PRO only
Windows and Linux
Mac OSX only
Max OSX only
Windows, Linux, Mac OSX
A .iso directly from Ubuntu, redhat, kali ect.
Remember that a vulnerable operating system opens an attack vector for anyone looking.

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