Competition Preparation


KUISC attends different security events across the U.S. some of these are competitions. There are a few major types of security competition events that happen at different times at different places.

  • The first is the Red VS. Blue events hosted by the National Collegiant Cyber Defense Competition1).
    • Regional competitions are open to any university winners at regionals go to nationals winners at nationals get an internship at Raytheon and a tour of the Washington D.C. security scene.
  • The Next are Non-CCDC Red VS. Blue events.
    • In my experiance these are more laid back focused on learning and are fair in scoring.
  • The Last are Capture the Flag2) events.
    • These focus on your ability to attack NOT defend like Red VS. Blue
    • Usually based around the usage of Kali Linux to find a file or set of files from a network

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